PTM Marketing and Consulting can help you ramp up your sales force on time and on budget, allowing you to capitalize on immediate growth opportunities. Our industry-leading recruiting and training teams will recruit, hire and train the right people for your business in mere weeks. Our services allow you achieve a greater market reach, while decreasing ramp time to productivity. We take your product DIRECTLY to your desired consumer.



PTM’s highly trained professional teams become brand ambassadors and behave as extensions of your own sales force, forming key relationships with potential partners from both a commercial and retail perspective. When you hire the PTM Marketing and Consulting team, we instantly become your brand ambassadors, helping to improve your customer experience, strengthen your brand perception and ultimately increase brand loyalty. Our track record of positive sales growth and innovation speaks for itself.



When you outsource your outbound call center with PTM, you gain access to experienced, professional telemarketing agents trained to provide virtually any outbound call service you need. PTM’s telemarketing services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Lead Generation: No matter what size and scope your telemarketing project may be, Sound Telecom can help you create and execute a highly successful lead generation campaign. We provide telemarketing services to both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) markets and we work with highly qualified list brokers. Delivered with exceptional, personalized service, our telemarketing programs are designed to increase sales – through prospecting, qualifying leads, setting appointments – or whatever way you choose.
  2. Market Research Surveys: Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a way of life for today’s most successful companies. Knowing what your customers, your prospects and your market want and expect is the key to optimizing sales, marketing and product development. PTM Marketing can help you gain valuable insight into your customers’ needs and preferences by conducting a variety of market research activities such as surveys, polls or data collection. We deliver accurate results with detailed, quality information.
  3. Customer Service: It is common knowledge that it costs less to keep a customer than it does to replace one. Are your customers happy? We can help you strengthen and improve customer relationships with our personalized, outbound call center customer service programs. We can help you build repeat business, revive old accounts, cross-sell, up-sell and enhance your company’s image. Bottom line: we’ll help you keep the customers you have.